Application for artists, bands and performers

We are looking for talented artists, bands and performers to join us in making the 25 year anniversary an extra special year. As ever, there are far more people asking to play than we can accommodate so we invite you to apply using the form below. We have a team of very experienced people, heavily involved in the local music scene, who will consider all applications with the intention of confirming participants and the running order early in 2020. We will be looking to produce a roster with a wide range of diverse acts covering different music styles and representing differnet parts of our wonderful community with the key emphasis on great entertainment. If we are unable to give you a slot on the big stage this year, there may be some alternative opportunities that we hope to offer.

Some of the key points we will be taking into account when assessing applications:
  • Your talent and skills as performers and entertainers - we are happy to look at this both on-line and by seeing you live
  • Your link to Barnet (locally or wider) and activities in the community
  • That you did not play at the Festival in 2019
  • Your current or past support for EBF through promotion, posts, volunteering etc
  • The quality of your on-line presence and material
  • Your overall profile/following/media exposure
This is a great opportunity for local musicians and new acts to gain exposure and experience playing on a large stage so we welcome your application even if you do not think you can meet all of the above.

There are a few points to take into account when considering your application:
  • Performance slots will run from 12 noon till 9pm on 4th and 5th July 2020. In stating your availability you must be able to arrive 1 hour before your slot and be prepared to leave late in the event of over-run.
  • This is a charity, community event. No payments are available, although expenses may be considered in exceptional circumstances.
  • We will provide the stage, large PA system, lighting, microphones, and DI boxes(for keyboards etc), and courtesy of Mill Hill Music Complex, two guitar amps, one bass amp and a drum kit. In order to simplify changeovers, we ask that you use these where possible. (Drummers should bring 'breakables', ie cymbals, snare, kick pedal, stool). Please let us know your full line-up and any special requirements you may have such as unusual instruments, access, seating etc.
  • We will expect you to actively promote and publicise your involvement in EBF
  • This is a family event with many young children present, performances must be appropriate.
We are really excited about 2020 and working with you to put on a diverse, talented programme of entertainment. Good Luck!

Applications will close at midnight on 5th January 2020.