Oak Hill Park Cafe

Oak Hill Park Cafe

From humble beginnings with a small spot in the cricket pavilion, the café has grown to be one of the main features of Oak Hill Park, sporting ample seating inside, a new soft play area for children and plenty of space outside for a big bouncy castle and tables and chairs under the sun…when it’s out and shining, that is!


Volunteers required

We are looking for volunteers to help with the Festival, the logistics, marketing and organisation of the event as well as people to help on the four days

Advertise with us

Advertise your business on our website and become a “Friend” of the Festival. This is a great way to let roughly 20,000 visitors to the festival know about you and your business.

Book your stall

Rent a stall and sell your products/services, or promote a charity you support, from £30 per day. Come and enjoy the weekend, talk to visitors & promote your organisation.